Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Islands of Adventure and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!

This is the view you get as you first cross into Harry Potter world. It's Hogsmeade village with the Hogwarts castle in the background! It is truly an amazing sight.

The Hogwarts Express has arrived!

The castle they have built for this park is unbelievably cool! So realistic! We couldn't get enough of it.

Another view of the castle as you enter the queue for the Harry Potter ride. The queue takes you all the way through the castle!

Perhaps the coolest thing in the whole castle are the talking portraits. You obviously can't see the effect through this picture, but the portraits look amazingly realistic.

 Lindsay and I savoring our butterbeer in Hogsmeade! It was a caramel-flavored ICEE kind of drink. Delicious!

Another awesome shot of the castle.

Watch out! T-Rex has arrived! 

Spider Man was our favorite ride at Islands of Adventure, with the exception of Harry Potter of course. We're getting our Spidey on before we go riding.

Channeling some Hulk before going on the Hulk coaster.

 Outside Poseidon's temple. This ride was really cool as well.

Lindsay forgot her invisibility cloak in Hagrid's hut. Oh well, she is so beautiful that it's better this way.

Lindsay casting a spell with a wand from Ollivander's: I believe the spell was "Kisserium the Cameramaniosis"

Voldemort is shaking in his boots at my magical prowess!

The Beauxbatons and the I-Dont-Remembers are getting ready to engage in a magical duel!

Outside Honeydukes...we passed on the Every Flavor Beans and the Chocolate Frogs.

 The Hogsmeade village again as we are about to leave the park.

I'll board the Hogwarts Express any day if Lindsay is conducting!


  1. So fun. Glad you guys had a good time. Looks like they've upgraded big time since last I was there.

  2. oh man that Harry Potter world would have been my absolute favorite!! How cool! Glad you guys made it back safely :)

  3. Thanks for the updates guys. I've been wondering how the trip was. Happy Anniversary! 1 year baby!