Friday, October 14, 2011

Labor Day Weekend in Williamsburg, VA

Lindsay and I spent Labor Day weekend in Williamsburg, VA!! It was an awesome weekend. We started out at Busch Gardens! It has 4 or 5 different themed areas centered on different countries in Europe. The park has consistently been voted the most beautiful theme park in America, and Lindsay and I can attest to that. This picture is us in front of the Italy area. 

 Here's Lindsay reconnecting with her German language skills. We had an authentic German dinner in "Das Festhaus". Very yummy!
Colonial Williamsburg!! This is the Governor's Mansion at the head of the main street. 
 You can see the Governor's Mansion at the end of the main street mall area. But the most beautiful part of this photo is Lindsay!...
 Lindsay on a replica of one of the three ships that brought the first English colonists to the Jamestown Settlement.
 Me on another one of the ships. We actually learned that the sailors, and Englishmen generally, drank ale mostly instead of water because the alcohol content kept the water clean enough to drink at sea. But they didn't offer any ale to us. Must be the BYU shirt...
 This is one of the bunks the sailors would have slept in. The ships were all quite small and they crammed up to 70 men on them. Tight quarters!
 Lindsay and I in a carved out canoe! The local Indian tribes would hollow out large tree trunks by lighting controlled fires on the trunk. The hollowed out trunks made for nifty canoes!
Me donning some colonial armor...I'm no John Smith, but Lindsay says I'm cuter...that's all I need!