Sunday, November 7, 2010


These are pictures of Lindsay and I exploring our new surroundings in the nation's capital!

In front of the Washington Monument

At the World War II Memorial--one of my favorite monuments

The fountains at the WW II Memorial are lovely

Home state pride!

Shout out to Utah!

We were supposed to get the White House in the background but Steve's head is blocking it

The Vietnam War Memorial

Outside the Lincoln Memorial

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial...has to be one of the most amazing views in America

A hunk and a babe with Honest Abe

Our Apartment!!

The kitchen--all new counter-tops and appliances

our bed and bedroom--with Aunt Janeth's lovely quilt adorning

Our wardrobe and dressers

The living room

The view as you walk in the front door

The view from the kitchen
These are the pictures of our apartment we promised to post!